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Applications and Markets

The development of new product and our special attention to innovate with eco-friendly solutions are the natural consequences of a DNA that is both dynamic and dedicated to change. The breadth of applications that we at Oesse deal with, allow us the possibility of transmitting the respective best practices among the various sectors. It is therefore no surprise that Oesse develops heat exchangers and coolers for the most prestigious manufactures of diesel engines and at the same time supplies market leaders in the broadcasting sector of TV and Radio transmitters.
We are among the top suppliers of manufacturers of the most internationally prestigious screw compressors. And for more than ten years we have been working side by side the most brilliant OEM technical offices in the sectors of earth moving machines, focusing on agricultural rather than manufacturers of industrial vehicles and on-road machines. The aim has always and only been one: advanced co-design to develop and build solutions that will bring maximum added value. And we definitely do not stop here... 


Macchine agricole e forestali

Agricultural and Forestry Machinery
Tractors and tractor units
Mixer wagons
Bush cutters
Self-propelled machines

Recommended products:
HR - HS - HY Lines

Settore ferroviario

Railways machines
High speed trains
Railway equipment

Recommended products:
HR - HS - HY Lines

Macchine movimento terra

Earth-Moving Machinery
Mining machines
Road construction machines
Construction machines
Off-Road vehicles
Drilling machines

Recommended products: 
HR - HS - HY - HM Lines

Settore broadcasting

Electronic Devices
Television transmitters
Radio transmitters
Cooled liquid transmitters
Inverter for PV
Inverter for industrial sectors

Recommended products:  
HS - HY Lines

Settore energia

Wind turbine systems
Photovoltaic systems
Oil & Gas
Hybrid machines

Recommended products:  
HR - HS - HY Lines

Settore marino

Special compressors
Hydraulic power units
Marine platforms
Telehandlers and Stackers

Recommended products:  
HR - HS - HY - HC Lines

Settore pneumatica & oleodinamica

Pneumatics & Hydraulics
Stationary and mobile compressors
Hydraulic power units
Vacuum pumps
Recommended AIR products:  
Lines HA - HC

Recommended OIL products:   
HS - HY Lines

Veicoli on road

On-Road vehicles
Industrial vehicles
Public utility vehicles
Vehicles for ecology and recycling
Special vehicles

Recommended products:  
HR - HS - HY Lines

Settore industriale

Industrial Sector
Working-tool machinery 
Machinery for processing wood
Machinery for processing marble

Recommended AIR products:  
HS - HY Lines

Motori endotermici

Internal Combustion Engines
Traditional diesel engines
Common rail engines
Cummins - Deuz - Iveco - Cat
Mercedes - Scania - VM
Yanmar - Lombardini
John Deere - Kubota

Recommended products:  
HR Line


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