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Quality Policy

Oesse has adopted a quality policy not only as a means but also a strategy to achieve its own improvement goals with the aim to increase the satisfaction of its stakeholders.

The Management is committed to ensuring maximum adaptability to the market in terms of dynamic company development. To do this, it relies on cutting-edge process organisation headed by a responsible and motivated workforce that operates in accordance with ethical and behavioural guidelines, with which the company intends to stand out, and in compliance with the ISO 9001:2015 standards and those pertaining to its activities.

The pursuit of perfection is not synonymous with conceitedness but rather with a constant drive towards change and an unconditional desire to stand out, to the extent that corporate philosophy is less focused on maintenance and more projected towards ongoing, relentless improvement.

The Quality Manager supports the Management in order to verify, promote and disseminate the results of each improvement activity in line with the company’s goals and reference standards, involving the entire organisation through objective analysis, measurement and procedural tools.

Being able to achieve the various goals set throughout the stages of the improvement process will ensure satisfaction among the company’s workforce. The active and collaborative involvement of resources is therefore the lifeblood of corporate operations ensuring conformity of actions.

The quality policy of Oesse is a tool for implementing the improvement process, whether it is focused on customer satisfaction or on the satisfaction of the company’s own collaborators, suppliers and property, while seizing the opportunity to fulfil unexpected requirements through the company’s social engagement.

The corporate mission is to become a leading player in the market of heat exchangers, successfully combining corporate brand and product, so that it can be acknowledged by industry professionals. The quality policy adopted will record the achievement of this goal through the implementation of the principles governed by regulations.


Francesco Scandolo
(General Manager)

Issued (08/02/2016)


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